Unexpected Joy & Snow Days

Yesterday was a rough day.

The kids were taking turns being difficult (being cooped up in the house isn’t helping). I was trying to do the mom thing and make sure Cam had a great birthday. Then at dinner he flips out because we didn’t get him ALL the presents he asked for. Rob was not having it and neither was I. I was running on empty. You know those days where you give all you have left? You feel defeated. You’re just done. A week trapped in the house will do that to you.

Then it snowed.

Not just little flakes, but a real snow (for Alabama for sure!). I told the kids get bundled up. We are going outside. We played. We marveled at the snow falling in big flakes. The boys threw snowballs. Crunched their feet in the snow. Got to go onto the snowy street even. I stopped and just felt joy. The joy of a kid playing in the snow. The crisp white all around. Watching all of the kids playing. The neighbors all out throwing snowballs and building a snowman. I outlasted the kids. I stayed out and just enjoyed it. I felt at peace for the first time all day. I let the joy of the snow sink in.

Some days are just hard. We get so caught up in the monotony of our daily lives. Kids fighting. Laundry. Bills. Dishes. Missing date nights (thanks Covid). We forget to see the little miracles in each day. Granted it’s not always unexpected snow, but we can find them. I hope everyone finds a little something to marvel at today.

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