Towanda: My New Frenemy 

Today ladies I want to talk about something millions of women are affected with. (I’m assuming) 
The mom pooch. 
If you’ve had more than two kids and have no pooch I want to know what kind of deal you made with the devil? How do you NOT have a little loose skin? Did you find a cream made of unicorn horns and angel wings that prevented it?? I’m happy for you and all, but it’s not helping me. 
Here’s the start of my story and where you all think, ‘Boo hoo, Dana.’. I’ve always had a pretty flat tummy. One of my favorite things about my body was my flat tummy. We were best friends. But that bitch betrayed me after my second kid. I looked even better in the beginning after the birth of my first. I was so excited. I’d gained 10 less pounds round two. Surely I’d bounce back overall. Then it showed up. How could I be pre pregnancy weight?? This THING is still here. Enter Towanda, my pooch. 
Now don’t get me wrong. I still was gifted the glorious gift of stretchies. Less than super perky (or not perky at all) boobs. I had the dreaded episiotomy round 1. On a fun note though my second baby made my hair wavy. Who knew that could even happen? However Towanda has taken it too far. 
So ladies, my real dilemma is how do I make peace with Towanda? I know I created these two beautiful boys. I’m incredibly proud of my body overall. It’s strong and has brought me this far in life. I have all 5 senses. I’m healthy overall. I’m grateful for it. Tight camis however are no longer my friend. How do I find my confidence once again while rocking the new found pooch I’ve been gifted? How do I rock Towanda the way I do my other flaws while still feeling amazing about myself? If anyone has the answer I’m legitimately asking. Until I figure it out, I’ll wear things a little loose around Towanda and will just rock what my mama gave me. Or more accurately at this point what the kids gave me. 
Oh, and ladies of all the advice you can give please don’t tell me to just do crunches or change my diet. It’s literally loose skin. Not extra cookies. Although I do eat the extra cookies. This is a non judgement zone remember? And if you think I’m going to all of these kids birthday parties and not eating cake you’ve lost your damn mind. 

2 thoughts on “Towanda: My New Frenemy ”

  1. I would also like to know the answer to this question. I have the exact same thing going on. I haven’t named her yet, though. The only positive I’ve found is that Junior gets a kick out of making it jiggle. 😂 I have been using spanx as the other poster suggested, but I’d rather not… So if you find the magical solution, LET ME KNOW! 😊

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