Project Sunshine Mail

I am a person who often comes up with random ideas (my husband said a hermit crab for my boys was not one of the better ones). Usually not much happens with them. Sometimes because I’m more more of an idea person vs a put it into action person. Sometimes it’s just because I think it will go nowhere or make a difference. This is otherwise known as doubt or fear everyone. However this time I’ve decided to put one of these ideas into action. Whether or not it takes off, I’m choosing to not only do it, but be proud of myself for even trying.

I feel everyone has a purpose in this world. We have gifts that can make this world, and the lives of others, better. Mine I feel is to help uplift and reassure women of the fact that they are capable of amazing things and that they are doing great in this crazy thing called life. Sometimes we feel our purpose or gifts aren’t enough to really do anything big with or facilitate change. If I help even one extraordinary lady realize her worth, or give her a smile on a rough day, than I think I’ve done enough and used my gift wisely.

So how did this idea come about?

I recently wanted to reach out to my sister in law who I knew was in the thick of going back to work full time, attempting to wean baby number two from being exclusively nursed (He was not having it), and other common mom stressors going on. I sent a small handwritten note and included a couple of little cards with bible verses that I thought might offer some motivation. She reached out to me after receiving it and let me know that it made a difference. I was so glad. I felt helpless being states away and unable to help in ways I could if I’d lived closer. I decided that I wanted to do this for more people. We all have our daily struggles. Times we don’t feel good enough. Don’t feel capable. Don’t feel seen or heard. I wanted to send a reminder that you are seen. You are heard. You are loved. You most definitely matter. I’ve received notes or letters like this throughout the years, and they’re the ones I always remember. The ones that added a little light to a dark time, or just let me know someone was thinking of me. I wasn’t alone.

From this was born the idea of Project Sunshine Mail. I’m hoping that it will catch on and become a ripple effect of love and motivation that can reach many more women. I’ve started a Facebook page and am hoping to spread this small seed of an idea to others. No matter the stage of life any of us are at, a little encouragement can go a long way.

Want to join me on this small movement? It’s simple! Send a card to someone you know could use a smile or a little encouragement. Even someone who you think has it all together. Let them know why you admire them. Whether it’s being an incredible mom, friend, activist, leader, or someone who continuously adds a bit of sunshine to your own life. Let’s start a ripple effect of something positive and uplifting! Use the hashtag ‘ProjectSunshineMail’ so we can see our efforts as they grow and multiply.

I’ve sent out my first batch of Sunshine Mail today. I’m excited and nervous, but I’m fairly certain that anything worth doing makes you feel this way. I’ve added links below for the cards I purchased to test out. This can give an idea of wallet, pocket, or purse sized cards that can be carried with you.

Thanks for stopping in to see what this is all about and I hope you’ll jump in on the movement! Your words have more power than you can imagine.

**Opening the mailbox to a little ray of sunshine no matter where you are in life.**

Journaling and Inspiration Cards

Mini Encouragement and Affirmation Cards

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