Cleaning out my (literal) closet 

So ladies, I faced down the daunting task of once again cleaning out my closet. Not some metaphorical type of closet. My actual closet where my clothes live. 

 Any woman who has ever cleaned out her closet knows we have so many things that we don't need and we will never wear but we don't get rid of because we may wear them someday or they still fit. Why do we keep these things? How much happier would we be to go in your closet and only see things that we absolutely love and make us feel good to wear? Even if there were less options. Especially if there were less options! I was given some really good advice on Facebook when asking about closet organization. A friend said to take everything out of your closet. ALL of it. The idea is to then only put back in the things you love and are going to wear. I knew this would take hours of my life. I would try things on. I would go back-and-forth with myself. I would try to talk myself out of getting rid of things. I did it though. I had decided this was the year that I was going to get my shit together. In every way. Including my closet. Plus as every woman knows every 5 years or so you kind of go through a small style transformation. Whether it's going from high school to college, college to a young adult, going from single and partying to married, maybe even going to 'oh my God I'm now a mom', or just looking in your closet and thinking none of this is 'me'. 

I had personally decided I never wanted to be the mom wearing mom jeans and looking like she gave up on life. Or just on herself. I feel too many women put themselves on the back burner and give all we have to those we love. As though not caring for ourselves, or doing things for ourselves, made us better, more selfless mothers. I feel this is bologna. For me it was important to still keep pieces of myself pre kids throughout mommyhood. Anybody who knows me knows I love to be a little glam every single day. For example, my fabulous mother in law bought me a beautiful sparkly headband for Christmas. I wore it in the middle of the week. Why? Because I can and the headband is amazing. I've started coming into my own style wise and playing around. I now own cranberry colored skinny jeans and leopard flats. Things I wouldn't have the balls to wear before. Such as the above mentioned sparkly headband. It's more fun than I can say. My style is definitely not for everyone. And that's okay. It's suppose to be for me after all. At the age of 34 I feel I've finally found my style and I'm going to own it. 
What does my style have to do with cleaning out one's closet? Quite a bit. Like anything else in life if you don't have a clear vision of what you want, how will you ever achieve it? Try going on Pinterest and create a style board. Then weed out things later that don't represent you. You can appreciate it, without having to wear it after all. Look at people's styles you personally know and admire. What is it that you love about it? I love so many things about other ladies styles. Whether it's the way they accessorize. The ease of their style. The elegance. Or the plain fearlessness of owning and loving who they are. Then ask yourself what is it you want people to see when they look at you? What are you trying to present to the world? Your style is an extension of your personality. I also feel that if you dress as though you respect and value yourself, others will too. For me I feel my style is casual, comfortable, functional, and slightly low key, but I try to add a touch of glam or fun in some way. Even casual, simple styles I like to have a little added something. Boring is just not for me. Too stuffy? Button ups? Collars? Not me. I still try to keep it classy while having fun. 
Once you've figured out your style direction, go into your closet. Look around. Them take it all out. Try it on. If you don't love it, or if it doesn't make you feel beautiful or comfortable, it has to go. Don't get nervous about getting rid of too much at once. You're purging the old. Starting fresh. What's the point of holding on to things you're never going to wear? It's draining. It has to go. Tell yourself that donating or giving away these things may help someone else feel fabulous. Plus then you get to rebuild a wardrobe you feel fabulous in. When you feel good, you look good. 

 So ladies this Spring is the perfect time to start fresh. I challenge you to go through that closet. If your closet is already reflective of you maybe buy a fun accessory or style of clothing you've always wanted to wear but were scared to. Life is way too short to wear boring clothes and not truly own who you are. Or enjoy trying new things. Borrow something from a friend even. Shop each other's accessories. Whatever you do have fun. The most important part of your style is of course confidence. So rock your style. Celebrate what makes you, you.

 (Even if in like in my case it now includes a mom pooch. It just makes you snugglier.) 

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